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"When you touch a body, you touch the whole person,                         the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions."                                            Jane Harrington​            

Spa Treatment

Revel your senses in a Tulasana tailored massage. Each experience is customized, to relieve tension, reduce stress and soothe your sore muscles. Tulasana offers a host of massages from, Swedish, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, Prenatal and more.

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Guided Meditation

Let Go as you escape the everyday and take one of Tulasana's healing paths. You are invited to journey into the vibrations of a Sound Bath Massage. This therapy seeks to iron out the scattered mind, as much as it untangles fascia,  covering every muscle in the body. 

-Perhaps you need a space to breathe-

Tulasana's Vipassana, India's ancient form of meditation, focuses on breathe work, mingling massage with meditation.

You are invited to explore.

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Restorative Practices

Luxuriate in elongating muscles, increasing extensibility, and restoring neuromuscular balance. Tulasana will guide you through yoga postures as you enjoy assisted stretching fused with massage. These sessions gently improve joint range of motion and are offered on a traditional Thai mat, to draw upon grounding energy from the floor.  

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What our visitors are saying

I have seen a number of therapist in this area of town and must say that Maryanna is a hidden jewel. She goes out of her way to tailor each session for you. I can tell you that all of your cares and pains will melt away while on her table. 

Customer since Dec. 2020

Immerse Yourself in Rest and Relaxation